Pressekritik / Review ‚Adelaide Fringe Festival 2023‘

28. März 2023

Fur Baby
[Cabaret/Comedy ~ SA Premiere, Germany] The Jade, Fri 17 Mar, 2023.

Sylvia Brécko is a seasoned performer from Cologne and straddles the worlds of cabaret and comedy. She is equally at ease telling amusing stories about people and their dogs as she is belting out a Marlene Dietrich classic. Throw in some cleverly written ditties to the tune of popular songs, and an endearing delightful manner with audiences and you a have a recipe guaranteed to keep you entertained.

In her latest show, Fur Baby, she details the trials and tribulations of dogs and their owners in comedy and song. Dog owners are asked to share their own stories and everyone is invited to sing along with Sylvia and share her new found joy. You don’t need to own a dog to enjoy this show but it will certainly help if you do!

Sylvia Brécko is quite lovely. She’s funny – she has a different comedic take on many topics, and a fine singer. She simply has a manner and stage presence that makes you feel good to be in her company.

Michael Coghlan
The Clothesline, Adelaide